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About Us

Our Mission

Somali Parent American Association

SAPA promotes the empowerment of Somali youth, parents, and African communities in Minnesota through a holistic approach to services that include education, community engagement, and advocacy.

  • Why The Somali Community?

The influx of Somali refugees into Minneapolis has created both challenges and new opportunities for East African families and school districts. Somali and East African students face several barriers to a successful academic experience.  They are often many grade levels behind and may lack adequate English proficiency and struggle with cultural barriers.  In addition, they often lack adequate support in school.  While parents support their children at home, they struggle to support their children in school due to cultural differences, socio-economic status, and their own education and language levels.

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Our History

Our History

SAPA was founded in 2008 by Mohamed Mohamud, a Somali immigrant with more than twelve years of teaching experience in the Minneapolis Public Schools, to address the needs of East African parents with regards to their children's education.

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Our Value

At the Somali American Parent Association, we pride ourselves in the innovative approach we take in the development of educational programs and relationships that build an inclusive and equitable community.

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Our Vision

SAPA envisions a supportive community in which all parents and children can navigate and actively participate in educational opportunities, create healthy lives, and thrive in an environment of cross-cultural understanding.

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Our Services

Parent Engagement And Empowerment
SAPA was founded in 2008 with the sole purpose of supporting and educating parents so they could learn how to be involved with their children’s schools and how to support their children’s academic success.

Cultural Training And Consulting
SAPA works with schools, teachers, and administrators to better educate East African youth.  We are able to provide professional development workshops and training sessions for school and district staff interested in learning more about Somali culture.

SAPA understands that the relatively recent influx of East African refugees in Minnesota has presented a variety of challenges and opportunities to school districts.  As an organization with many years of experience in both the education community and the Somali community, it would be our privilege to support you as you navigate these new opportunities and challenges.